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Update: The Tennessee Department of Education continues its work helping districts to onboard their remaining staff to Orion (SSO). Orion ( is an advanced authentication technology that allows users to access all software systems provided by the state from one portal using a single username and password combination.

It is important that you verify that you are able to login through Orion and verify that you have access to your applications through Orion. To verify, login to your Orion account with the credentials provided in your ‘Orion Welcome Email’ notification and ensure that you have a tile (icon) for each of your EIS applications and you are able to gain appropriate access to each of your applications. The login form below will be retired soon and Orion will be the only method for accessing your state application. If you have any questions, please contact the District Technology Service Desk at

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Note: If a new password and a verify password is present, then your password will be changed. If you have any problems please contact your application manager listed below.

Warning: The unauthorized use of this system or its contents and / or any attempt to gain unauthorized access thereto could constitute a violation of the Computer Crimes Act of the State of Tennessee.

Application Support Contacts

Application Contact Contact Phone
Accountability Data Data Governance and Accountability
Attendance Funding EIS Elfreda Tyler 615-741-8835
Cohort Data Governance and Accountability
Data Reports District Technology Service Desk 800-495-4154
EIS Performance District Technology Service Desk 800-495-4154
EIS Production District Technology Service Desk 800-495-4154
Enhanced EIS Data Entry District Technology Service Desk 800-495-4154
eTIGER - Timely Information Gathering, Examination, and Reporting eTiger Help Desk 615-532-1380
Federal Application Consolidated Tracking System Spencer Yonce 615-532-4718
Highly Qualified Teachers The Office of Educator Licensing 615-532-4885
Local Payment Processing Spencer Yonce 615-532-4718
Personnel Information Reporting System Karen Justice 615-532-1662
School Nutrition Chris Crutcher 615-532-4737
SDE Directory Data Governance and Accountability
TN Ready Enrollment Verification Portal Assessment Logistics